Who we are

Lacuna Juice and Yoga was born when husband and wife team Megan Whiteside and Trent DeMichele moved back to Denver after living in New York City. Missing the wide variety and selection of organic cold pressed juice they’d become accustomed to in New York, the couple decided to make their lifestyle their business. Merging their passions for clean eating and global travel with Megan’s background in yoga, the couple is the force behind Lacuna: Denver’s first yoga studio and juice bar in the RiNo neighborhood. Not only does Lacuna serve the best juices and smoothies in town, we also have a fully organic kitchen serving fresh, made to order salads, wraps, avocado toasts, snacks, adaptogenetic lattes, and more. Our entire menu is plant-based, dairy free, and vegetarian/vegan/gf friendly.

At Lacuna, we believe that you get out what you put in. We use organic, local produce, we don’t use plastic bottles or packaging, and we provide dynamic movement practices to help you live better. We’re committed to making the world a brighter place by being more sustainable, less wasteful, and more informed. Our yoga, juices, and smoothies aim to embrace and integrate these ideals into daily life, so you can be healthier, happier, and more sustainable.


Our yoga

The yoga at Lacuna brings new techniques and lineages to the Denver yoga scene, while working within a familiar framework of Vinyasa “flow” based classes. While the yoga at Lacuna may feel familiar, many of the techniques and practices are a refreshing change from the status quo. The teachings at Lacuna pull from Vinyasa, Hatha, and Katonah Yoga®, a practice steeped in Pranayama, sacred geometry, and Taoist theory. We encourage our teachers to teach what they know best, which allows for a unique blend of offerings and influences in each and every class. When you practice at Lacuna, you know your classes will be informed, unique, and fun experiences every time.



We believe the best way to nourish yourself is by putting real, clean food into your body. This means organic, local, nutrient-dense foods that your body can easily and quickly absorb, which is why juice is such an effective addition to your daily routine. When juice is cold pressed, there is no heat added during the process to kill the enzymes that naturally live in plants, and no oxygen added during the process which oxidize and change the chemical compound of the juice. We never add artificial flavors or colors to our products, nature provides all the taste and color we need!

Our kitchen is 100% organic, and we use local and seasonal produce as much as possible. We are also completely plant-based, so no dairy or animal products, and most of our menu is naturally gluten free as well or can be made gluten free. Our chef, Carrie Shores, has years of experience with clean and sustainable foods that nourish the body, support the local community, and help keep you living a healthy lifestyle.