Carrie’s passion for food began at an early age when she could be found rummaging through her grandparents vegetable garden. As a child, she would spend summer days tending to the garden and eating produce right off the vine. These experiences impacted Carrie and propelled her towards a robust career in the culinary world.

Carrie’s affection for food led her to Alfalfa’s Market where she oversaw the juice bar cafe. Working at the whole-food marketplace exposed her to more than juicing-it introduced her to a lifestyle of health and wellness. Submerged in naturopathic and holistic philosophies, Carrie became deeply inspired and began to dig deeper. 

Carrie gravitated towards everything food and the natural progression led her to San Francisco where she studied at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu. It is here she perfected her culinary skills and realized her dream of becoming a chef.

Carrie is best known for her time as Executive Chef at Denver’s Table 6. Working her way from the bottom up, she shattered through the glass ceiling and received several accolades and invitations, including host chef James Beard House (NYC), Denver top restaurant and chef awards, television appearances and radio interviews, host chef Aspen Food and Wine and published recipes in the Denver’s 5280 Cookbook. During this time, Carrie became deeply involved in the farm-to-table movement, which inspired her creativity and menu design. 

In the height of her success, Carrie did the unthinkable and left the restaurant industry to pursue a more balanced and enhanced quality of life. It is in this time of clarity that Carrie gravitated towards the non-profit organization, Work Options for Women. As Executive Chef Instructor, Carrie devoted herself to the culinary training program helping those experiencing barriers to employment find success through education and on-the-job training. Carrie was more than an instructor, but a leader and a mentor and her devotion to the mission remains felt throughout.

Carrie continues to develop in the way she lives her life and feeds her soul. She is devoted to positive mental and physical health and is constantly evolving and creating. Carrie is a passionate plant based vegan and incorporates healing yoga and other fitness practices for strength and grounding. With Carrie’s newest adventure as Lacuna’s Executive Chef, her personal passions and practices can now transcend the Lacuna brand.